What is AfterPay?

Our goal at Smiles at Currambine is to make your dental visits as easy and convenient as possible. Your dental work can be completed when you need it without having to pay the entire cost at the time of your appointment. In addition to not worrying about interest on your payments, AfterPay allows you to stagger your payments until you’re paid in full.

Australian residents can make affordable weekly payments using AfterPay’s digital payment platform. As you enjoy the benefits of a dazzling new smile, AfterPay pays for your dental treatments up front. Over four staggered payments every two weeks, you repay the treatment amount.

How Does AfterPay Work?

We make it easy for you to sign up for Afterpay using our website or app. You will not be charged a registration fee or a monthly account fee. Payments made through Afterpay are free as long as they are made on time. A spending limit of $600 is typically set to encourage responsible spending, increasing as responsible spending increases.

Step 1: Schedule your dental appointment at Smiles at Currambine.

Step 2: Visit the Apple Appstore or Google Play to download the Afterpay app.

Step 3: You must enter a valid email address and mobile number. To protect your account, you will receive a secure verification code.

Step 4: In order to complete your registration, you must provide your personal and credit card information.

Step 5: To access your Afterpay account on the app or website, choose or create a secure password.

Step 6: Take advantage of quality dental care by setting up your Afterpay virtual card for in-clinic payments.

Getting dental treatment today and paying later is easy with Afterpay. You deserve a beautiful smile. It’s easy to get the beautiful smile you’ve always wanted with AP Dental. Our team is here to assist you every step of the way, and we offer various services to suit your needs. All of this and more can be yours with AfterPay.

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Eligibility Requirements for AfterPay Payments

1. It is necessary for you to be an Australian citizen or resident.

2. In order to enter into a legally binding contract, you must be at least 18 years old.

3. Your email address and mobile phone number must be valid and verifiable.

4. A debit or credit card issued by an Australian bank must be authorized for your use.

5. It should cost you more than $35 to make your payment.

6. The upfront payment should be 25% of the total cost. In the remaining amount, you will be required to pay every two weeks in instalments.

Schedule Your Appointment With Us Today

Our dentists in Currambine make every effort to accommodate the scheduling needs of your family. From offering evening hours to weekend appointment times, we are sure to have something that works for your busy routine.

If you are in pain or have any other dental emergency, please call us right away so we can try to book you in as soon as possible.