Digital Smile Design in Currambine

Digital Smile Design in Currambine

Design Your Perfect Smile With Digital Smile Design in Currambine

If you plan to get a smile makeover, it can be hard to know if the result will look good. You want a beautiful smile that is natural and suits your face shape.

Not all smiles are created equal, but with Digital Smile Design at Smiles in Currambine, we can virtually try on different kinds of smiles before deciding which one works best for you! This means no more guesswork or risk involved.

At Smiles in Currambine, we offer Digital Smile Design as part of our cosmetic dental services, so you can look forward to an amazing smile without any stress or anxiety about how it will turn out! Digital Smile Design is a digital mode where dentists can create and project a new smile design through simulation and pre-visualisation.


Designing a healthy smile digitally involves the participation of patients in the design process, resulting in a beautiful smile that is tailored to their needs and goals. It is an innovative technology in cosmetic dentistry that allows dentists to enhance the quality, precision, and success of cosmetic dental treatments.


Benefits of Smile Design

Digital Smile Design is a multi-purpose dental treatment method that has a number of advantages over other treatment approaches:

  • Your wants and needs will be taken into account when restorative technical treatments are performed, which will make you happier with the results.
  • You’ll be more aware of what to expect throughout the process with better communication between you and the team members providing the dental care.
  • With its digital technology, it’s easier to predict results and adhere to treatment plans with fewer surprises.
  • With Digital Smile Design, you can get more control over the outcome of your cosmetic treatment.
  • Multidisciplinary treatment preserves health and hygiene since you’re not limited to one course of treatment.

Why Choose Smiles in Currambine for a Smile Design Treatment in Currambine, Western Australia

Digital Smile Design for a Confident Smile

Our cutting-edge Digital Smile Design technology allows you to envision your ideal smile before it becomes a reality. With this advanced tool, we design treatment plans more effectively, ensuring you get the confident and beautiful smile you deserve.

Enhanced Treatment Efficiency

Experience the best treatment possible with our digital tools. With accurate restorations and fewer revisions, our dental team ensures faster results and fewer appointments, minimising discomfort during procedures without compromising quality.

Quality Care with Advanced Technology

At Smiles in Currambine, we prioritise delivering quality care, and our use of cutting-edge dental technology showcases our commitment to excellence. Embrace the future of dentistry by calling us today and unlocking the full potential of your smile!


By preparing and presenting a digital mock-up before treatment begins, the Digital Smile Design (DSD) tool allows patients to visualise their new smile design in advance. The DSD technique can motivate and educate a patient who is constantly doubting the results of treatments, particularly irreversible ones.

Digital Smile Design (DSD) is an innovative technology that enables you to design the smile of your dreams. It is the efficient planning process of transforming your smile with one or more cosmetic procedures. DSD can help us assess your dental health and create an ideal treatment plan for the following dental issues:

- Crooked teeth
- Misaligned teeth
- Stained or discoloured teeth
- Irregularly-shaped teeth
- Gapped teeth
- Cracked or chipped teeth
- Missing teeth

During an initial consultation, we will assess your oral health condition and discuss your treatment goals. We will take images, impressions, and x-rays of your mouth and teeth using our cutting-edge Digital Smile Design imaging technology and software. We’ll also record video of your mouth as you converse, smile, and laugh to acquire a detailed picture of your facial aesthetics, including movement and symmetry.

We’ll create a treatment plan for you based on the information we’ve obtained. We may design a mock-up of your new smile with a range of treatment options. We can compare a 3D portrait of your current teeth with a proposed new smile made from a 3D model using advanced dentistry software, photography, 3D scans, and dynamic video. The model is placed over your teeth so you can have a taste of how it looks and feels to help you decide if you are going to proceed with the treatment.

Upon your approval of the smile design and specific treatment, the treatment can begin. The treatment may be different for every patient, as each individual’s needs and goals are different, so the duration of treatment may vary.

Patients who are hesitant to undergo dental treatment or doubt the result of that particular treatment, which may be irreversible, can be motivated and educated through Digital Smile Design. The use of visual communication and patient participation in the smile design process ensures predictable treatment outcomes and increases patient acceptance.

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