Gum Disease Treatment in Currambine

Gum Disease Treatment in Currambine

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Periodontal disease, more often called gum disease, is an infection of the gums that worsens over time.

Gingivitis is a gum disease in its early stages. It is an inflammation of the gums that is usually caused by a bacterial infection. Infections such as gingivitis can develop into a more severe infection like periodontitis if not treated. Periodontitis is an advanced level of gum disease in which the gums’ inner layer pulls away from the teeth and forms pockets. It is characterized by the loss of bone that supports the teeth.

The majority of people have gingivitis in some form, but fortunately, gingivitis can be reversed. At Smiles in Currambine, we offer periodontal treatments in-house, such as deep cleanings, to help you manage gum disease before it becomes too late.

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Benefits of Treating Gum Disease

Good oral hygiene habits and periodontal therapy are highly effective ways to prevent gum disease. They provide several benefits, including:

  • It relieves dental pain. The discomfort of infected gums can be excruciating. These gum disease symptoms can be relieved with periodontal treatment.
  • It removes tartar build-up. Plaque and tartar can accumulate above and below the gum line, causing serious dental problems if not treated.
  • Freshens breath. Chronic bad breath, or halitosis, is a sign of gum disease caused by the build-up of bacteria, food particles, and plaque below the gum line. By having periodontal treatment, these problems can be remedied, and you will have naturally fresh breath.
  • Other dental health issues are identified and treated. Detecting any possible health problems can be done by treating gum disease. Potential issues can be identified and treated very quickly.
  • A healthy and beautiful smile. Treating your gum disease can ensure your gums are healthy and give you the confidence to smile.

Why Choose Smiles in Currambine for Gum Disease Treatment in Currambine, Western Australia

Preserving Your Smile

We focus on treating gum disease promptly to prevent tooth loss and serious health issues. Our dentists gently remove plaque and tartar to stop infection.

Effective Gum Treatments

If brushing and flossing aren't enough, our gentle treatments offer relief with minimal discomfort. Don't risk more tooth loss—visit Smiles in Currambine today!

Restoring Your Smile

Regain your smile's former glory with our easy and effective gum disease treatments. Don't wait; contact us immediately for gentle care and lasting results!


Gum disease is frequently caused by poor dental hygiene. Gum disease occurs when hardened plaque and tartar build-up on the surface of the teeth and below the gumline. It calcifies into place when brushing and flossing fail to remove the softer build-up. Some of the other causes of gingivitis are poor oral hygiene, plaque build-up, and smoking. Hormonal changes and high-stress levels combined with poor oral hygiene are also linked to gum disease.

Gum disease symptoms begin with swollen or tender gums and bleeding when you brush or floss. However, our patients have also seen a number of additional conditions develop, such as:

- Receding gum lines
- Dark red gums or purple-red patches around the gum line
- Chronic bad breath (halitosis)
- Tooth mobility or loose teeth
- Soreness to pressure from biting or chewing
- An unpleasant taste in the mouth caused by pus oozing from the gums
- Teeth that do not fit together correctly when biting (malocclusion)
- Sensitive teeth

A gingivitis infection affects only the gums. If you do not treat the infection right away, it can spread below your gum line and into your bone. The condition then becomes more serious and is known as periodontitis. Gingivitis and periodontitis have been found to increase your risk of more serious health conditions, such as osteoporosis, arthritis, diabetes, pneumonia, stroke, heart disease, lung disease, and cancer. Getting an early diagnosis and treatment is the best course of action.

The following people have a higher risk of gum disease:

- People who do not maintain good oral hygiene habits.
- Smokers
- Those who are suffering from crooked teeth, loose restorations or ill-fitting fixed dental appliances.
- Patients with diabetes, arthritis, heart diseases, and immune system disorders like HIV and AIDS.
- Anyone who has had an immediate family member suffer from periodontal disease or early tooth loss.
- Individuals who avoid going to the dentist

It is possible to reduce the risk of gum disease with proper oral hygiene. Maintaining a consistent oral hygiene routine can prevent plaque build-up and gum disease. Here are the essentials for good oral hygiene:

- Brush your teeth twice a day or after each meal or snack for at least two minutes.
- You should use a soft toothbrush and replace it every three to four months.
- Floss at least once daily.
- Gargle with an antibacterial mouthwash to reduce plaque between your teeth.
- Eat a healthy, balanced diet.
- Don’t smoke.
- Every six months, make an appointment with your dentist for a professional cleaning.

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If you experience symptoms of gum disease, such as swollen or bleeding gums, bad breath, or gum recession, don’t hesitate to seek professional care. Book your gum disease treatment appointment now and take the first step towards restoring your gum health.