Natural Looking Dentures in Currambine

Having missing teeth can be a very embarrassing and difficult situation. You may feel self-conscious and find it difficult to chew food or speak properly.

Dentures are an excellent solution for people who have lost one or more natural teeth. Dentures are artificial teeth replacements that are either removable or fixed. Removable dentures can be taken out and cleaned every day, while fixed dentures are attached to the gums with screws. 


The dentures of today aren’t like what you may have thought of in years past. Modern dentures are comfortable, fit snugly, and can be made in a broad array of materials and formats to suit your needs. These dental prostheses are usually made to match your other remaining natural teeth so well, they make your smile appear completely natural and authentic.


Advantages of Dentures

Dentures are an excellent and affordable solution for replacing missing teeth. Here are just a few of the benefits of dentures:

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Why Choose Smiles in Currambine for Dentures in Currambine, Western Australia

If you’re looking for a budget-friendly solution for tooth replacement, our quality dentures are the perfect solution for you. They’re designed to mimic a healthy smile and fit snugly in place, which will help you feel confident about your appearance again. You can eat whatever you like without experiencing discomfort when wearing your prosthesis. Plus, they look great, so no one will ever know that they are fake teeth!

At Smiles in Currambine, we believe that everyone deserves access to quality dental care. That’s why we offer affordable full and partial dentures, as well as payment plans with flexible financing. We recommend scheduling an appointment with a member of our friendly team to discuss which prosthesis or restoration is best for your particular smile needs. We’ll advise you of all possible options for tooth replacement, such as bridges, dental implants, and dentures.

Find out more by contacting the friendly team at Smiles in Currambine at (08) 9305 4888 today to book your first visit!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Do you have questions about our dental services? We’re here to help! Check out the answers to some of our most frequently asked questions or browse through below for more information.

When you’ve already lost a tooth or a few teeth, you will need dentures. The longer you delay getting dentures, the more likely you will lose more teeth. The remaining healthy teeth shift faster and grow weaker without the support of all of your teeth. If you’re missing teeth and haven’t yet discussed the possibility of dentures with your dentist, now is the time to do so.

Dentures may be an excellent choice for people with missing teeth due to old age, but there are many other reasons to wear them even if you are not yet old. When your gums become inflamed and develop gum disease because the roots of a tooth aren’t getting enough blood, you might be a candidate for dentures. A decayed tooth could also indicate that it’s time to go to the dentist to get some replacements.

Dentures do not prevent additional dental problems, nor do they cause gum disease. Cleaning your dentures is essential to keeping your gums healthy. Whether or not you have artificial teeth, bacteria will attack your gums. This may lead to inflamed gums that are uncomfortable. As with natural teeth, dentures require daily cleaning to prevent infection and maintain a healthy mouth.

While traditional dentures are the standard choice for replacing missing teeth, there are alternatives to dentures:

  1. Dental Implants: Implants are becoming an increasingly popular alternative to dentures since they closely resemble natural teeth. It is a post, usually made of titanium, inserted into the jawbone to replace a missing tooth. Implants are, however, more expensive than traditional dentures.
  2. Dental Bridges: A bridge is made up of crowns attached to the teeth on either side of the dental gap with a false tooth or teeth in between, thus forming a “bridge” across the gap. Most bridges are usually made of porcelain, but an underlying support structure may be made of platinum, nickel, gold, or chromium alloys for additional strength.

Regular visits to your dentist are recommended two times a year, regardless of whether or not you are wearing partial dentures or complete dentures. Maintaining the fit and form of your dentures is essential to restoring your teeth’s functionality. Dentures will last longer and function properly if a skilled dentist regularly maintains them.

A dental examination is the first step in determining if other dental treatments, such as extractions, are required and if you are a suitable candidate for dentures. We will then take a mould or impression of your teeth and take measurements to ensure that the dentures fit precisely. The impression will be sent to a dental lab so they can make the dentures.

After the dentures have been completed, you will have to come back to our dental clinic for a denture fitting. The fit of your denture plays a crucial role in your comfort and confidence from day to day. If not fitted carefully, your denture could rock back and forth in place. This causes chewing difficulties, sore spots, and even difficulty speaking. Our goal is to ensure that you can wear the dentures without any pain or discomfort. If necessary, we can adjust the dentures at this appointment.

Taking proper care of your dentures can prevent infection or damage. Long-term use can lead to bone loss and soft tissue problems such as oral thrush. A healthy oral hygiene routine is essential to maintaining dentures. Bacteria can breed in the space between your gums and dentures, which can eventually lead to decay.

You should clean your dentures every day with a soft denture brush. While not in use, you should soak dentures in water to prevent dryness, which could cause your dentures to lose their shape. Depending on your type of denture, your dentist will recommend the best denture cleaning methods and the specific cleaning solutions and cleaners to use.

Soak your dentures at night in a gentle cleaning solution. Rinse the prosthesis thoroughly the following day and brush away any loosened debris. You should clean your mouth with a soft washcloth before reinstalling your dentures.

Schedule regular dental check-ups with Smiles in Currambine so we can assess the fit of your dentures and make necessary adjustments.

The cost of dentures may vary depending on the type of false teeth, the number of teeth to be replaced, and the denture material used. Dentures cost up to $3,500 for a standard upper and lower set. Upper dentures or lower dentures can cost up to $2,000 each.

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We would like to take some time to let you know that we always follow strict universal infection control standards, and patient safety and the safety of our team is our priority.

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What Specifically Are We Doing at Our Practice to Protect Patients?

Our strict protocol includes our receptionists establishing in advance if patients:

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