Emergency Dentist in Currambine

Emergency Dentist in Currambine

Immediate Pain Relief With Our Dental Emergency Services

Many problems can arise when it comes to teeth. From cavities to gum disease and other oral issues, your mouth is a complex organ with many moving parts that all need attention.

There will be times when an emergency arises that requires immediate dental care. In these situations, the last thing you want is to have difficulty finding an emergency dentist who can help you right away.

An emergency dentist offers urgent dental care for patients with toothaches, infections, or injuries that require immediate attention. Emergency dentists may also offer extended hours or weekend appointments.

Smiles in Currambine is proud to provide a full range of dental services, including emergency dentistry. We can assist you whether you have a damaged tooth that requires immediate repair, are in desperate need of a dentist for an emergency wisdom teeth removal, or are suffering from an excruciating toothache.



If your toothache lasts for more than two days and doesn’t improve with pain medication, you should seek immediate dental emergency care.

Lost fillings or crownss

Lost Fillings or Crowns

The loss of fillings or crowns can negatively affect your dental health. To make sure that the nerve inside the tooth does not become infected, it is essential to see a dentist.

Bleeding gumss

Bleeding Gums

A bleeding gum could indicate a health condition that needs to be checked. It could be due to gum disease or a faulty dental restoration. Heavy bleeding requires immediate medical attention.

chipped toothh

Chipped Tooth

A chipped tooth is an emergency if it is extremely painful, has nerve damage, has sharp fragments that may cause trauma to your mouth, or has broken in half. When the injured tooth does not hurt, you can wait to see your dentist.



An abscess in the mouth is an infection that can harm adjacent teeth and tissue. If the infection remains untreated, it could lead to other health complications. You should visit your dentist immediately if you have a dental abscess, as it can negatively impact your oral and overall health.

knocked out toothh

Knocked-Out Teeth

The loss of a tooth due to an injury or accident isn’t necessarily permanent. A correctly performed emergency procedure can save the tooth so that it can be successfully replanted and last for years.

Why Choose Smiles in Currambine for Emergency Dental Concerns in Currambine, Western Australia

Expert Emergency Care

At Smiles in Currambine, we prioritize your dental emergencies with utmost care. Our qualified dentists are always ready to provide immediate relief, address pain, and repair any damage to ensure your comfort and well-being.

Cutting-Edge Technology

With our digital dentistry approach and state-of-the-art equipment, we swiftly and efficiently handle emergency cases. Our highly qualified team ensures every emergency dental situation receives prompt attention for immediate relief, putting your oral health back on track.

Direct Access to Emergency Services

We value your well-being, which is why we maintain a dedicated phone line exclusively for dental emergencies. This direct access ensures you receive swift and effective dental care when you need it most, putting your mind at ease during challenging times.


It is essential to have an emergency dentist you can rely on since dental problems will not wait for the right moment to occur. The sooner you receive professional help, the better your chances for treatment and restoration. Below are some of the benefits of having an emergency dentist:

- Immediate care: Dental emergencies can occur at any time. Emergency dentists can provide immediate assistance with any dental problems that need urgent attention. Immediate treatment could mean the difference between a full recovery and irreversible damage.

- Pain relief: An emergency dentist can address the pain right away. Even though you may be able to manage it with over-the-counter pain medications, an emergency dentist can determine what needs to be done to relieve the pain and restore your comfort.

- Prevention of infection: Even though most oral health issues are not life-threatening, they can cause some serious problems if left untreated for a prolonged period. When a tooth decays, an infection can start in your mouth and then spread to other parts of your body, such as your brain, jaw, and neck. Inflammation of the jaw or a toothache should never be ignored for fear of more severe complications.

- Tooth preservation: Prompt dental care can mean the difference between saving and losing a tooth. A dislodged tooth can be treated without having to pull it out if you seek immediate dental care. If you see your dentist right away, a tooth that has been completely knocked out can also be saved.

Too many people put off necessary dental care. However, dental emergencies are often extremely painful, can land people in the hospital, and can even be life-threatening. Symptoms like sensitivity or toothache usually indicate a problem that will worsen if left untreated. The bacteria in oral infections can be deadly without intervention because they can reach heart tissue or other parts of the body. This can be life-threatening if the infection is accompanied by symptoms such as fever, increased breathing rate, stomach pain, swelling, or dehydration.

An emergency dentist should be consulted as soon as possible in a dental emergency. You can, however, minimise the severity of your dental emergency if you are prepared and know what to do:

- Knocked-out tooth: A knocked-out tooth should be dealt with immediately to prevent further damage. Submerge your tooth completely in milk or contact solution and store it in a sealed container if you can find it. Please get in touch with one of our emergency dentists right away.

- Chipped tooth: When you have a chipped tooth, you should store it as if it were a knocked-out tooth and bring the fragment to our clinic within one to two hours. We will attempt to bond the broken piece back to your tooth. If we can’t put it back, you will need a minor dental restoration to prevent sensitivity and cosmetic issues.

- Abscess: Seek immediate dental care if you think you have an abscess. In the meantime, gargle with warm salt water and apply a cold compress to the affected area. To relieve moderate discomfort, take over-the-counter medication, but refrain from directly applying it to the swollen area. You may need root canal therapy if you have a dental abscess.

- Bleeding or injured gums: Apply a clean compress for a few minutes until the bleeding stops. Contact us immediately if you are bleeding after undergoing dental surgery or having a tooth removed. Severe bleeding requires immediate medical attention.

- Lost fillings or crowns: If you lose a filling or crown, it needs to be replaced as soon as possible. Contact your dentist immediately. Do not dispose of the filling as your dentist may be able to reuse it. In certain instances, it’s possible for a dentist to re-cement a dental crown. Use warm salt water to clean the area and remove all food debris. To avoid sensitivity, you can use temporary filling materials from the store. Keep your crowns or fillings in a zip-top bag and bring them with you to our dental clinic as soon as possible.

It is possible for a toothache to go away. This could be the result of the tooth dying. There is no reason to believe that temporary tooth pain relief will solve your problem. Bacteria will continue to grow over time. Even if your toothache subsides, you should still see an emergency dentist as soon as possible to determine the exact cause of your pain and receive the necessary restorative treatment.

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