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What our patients say

"Hi this is the place you need to book yourself into for all your dental care. Excellent staff very friendly and approachable. I was in so much pain over the past 2-3 days, with a tooth ache and very little sleep. Panadol with codine and anti inflammatories weren't working....I googled all the dentists in and around Joondalup area and this place had the best reviews :) So I booked myself in today which was great news, I was greeted with a lovely smile from the receptionist she gave me a form to fill out as it was my first time there. Feeling very nervous and scared I was imagining how painful it was going to be, as I really Hate going to the Dentist because of bad experiences in the past. "I had my Tooth taken out" it was the bestest extraction I have ever had, they numbed my gums before they jabbed the needle in, and to my amazement it didn't hurt that much. After waiting a few minutes half my lip,tounge,chin and cheek felt 2 ton drooping on the floor lol. The dentist and his assistant kept asking if I was okay through the whole ordeal :) before they started removing my tooth they said at any time I feel pain to raise my hand, then they'll stop. They started the removal and everything was fine until I felt pain and let out a Aaahhhhh!! They stopped straight away, asked if I was okay and if I felt pain I said yes, so they injected me again as I had a lot of infection where I felt the pain so the first injection didn't get that area. The extraction went well, my tooth was huge so it left a large deep hole which needed a few stitches, it's been 5 hours and I'm feeling heaps better with no pain. I'm the happiest person right now :) A few laughs and great sense of humour with all that I meet, which made me relax and feel comfortable All in all I highly recommend Smiles in Currambine 10/10 Thank you so much for making my day :)"

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We don't

  • "Drill and fill" or band-aid problems
  • Cut corners on your treatment
  • Treat you like you are just a number

We do

  • Plan for your long term oral health
  • Provide different options for different needs
  • Give you options for pain and anxiety relief