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Find Out How Dental Implants Can Help You With Our Free Implant Consultation

You’re tired of hiding your smile because you have missing teeth. Your self-esteem is low, and you feel insecure about how your mouth looks when you open it to speak or laugh.

Imagine having a flawless smile that’s full of life and confidence. With teeth implants, the possibilities are endless! A dental implant procedure can replace missing teeth so that you can eat what you want without worrying about losing more teeth. They also look just like real teeth!

Please call us at (08) 9455 8888 if you live near or in Currambine, WA, and would like more information about dental implants. We provide free consultations for patients interested in dental implants. Our friendly dentists will explain in detail what dental implants are and answer any questions or concerns you might have during the initial consultation appointment. Their recommendations may include taking clinical photographs, radiographs, and 3D scans. (*Terms and conditions apply.)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Do you have questions about our dental services? We’re here to help! Check out the answers to some of our most frequently asked questions or browse through below for more information.

During your initial dental implant consultation appointment, one of our dentists will explain the dental implant process to you in detail and answer any questions you may have. Our dentists will also examine your teeth, gums, and jawbone. In order to determine whether you are a candidate for teeth implants and whether your bone structure is sufficient to support the tooth implant, your dentist may recommend taking clinical photographs, radiographs, 3D scans, and impressions.

The ideal candidates for teeth implants are those who:

  1. are in good dental health and can undergo extractions or dental surgery,
  2. do not suffer from any serious illnesses,
  3. possess a healthy jawbone, and
  4. are free of gum disease.

Among the advantages of dental implants are:

  • Teeth implants have the same appearance, feel, and function as natural teeth.
  • Titanium implants are biocompatible.
  • They are strong, durable, and long-lasting.
  • There is little maintenance required.
  • Dental implants are permanent tooth replacements, so they eliminate the mobility and discomfort associated with removable artificial teeth.
  • Teeth implants prevent adjacent teeth from shifting, preventing problems with alignment.
  • Implants prevent bone deterioration and stimulate bone regrowth.

Dental implants fall into two major categories:

  1. Endosteal Implants: Endosteal implants resemble tiny screws made from materials that are safe for the body, such as titanium. They are small metal devices that resemble small screws. Endosteal implants are inserted into the jawbone to replace tooth roots by drilling tiny holes at precise locations and inserting them deep enough for the bone to grow around them. A single implant may support several teeth.
  2. Subperiosteal Implants: No drilling into the jawbone is needed for subperiosteal implants. Rather than being inserted inside the bone, they are placed underneath the gum and on the bone. Subperiosteal implants are used when there is insufficient healthy jaw bone to support an endosteal implant.

The price of dental implants may vary depending on the type and complexity of the case. Feel free to contact Smiles in Currambine for a free consultation (*terms and conditions apply). Once our dentists have assessed your specific needs, they will collaborate with our treatment coordinator to provide you with the most affordable treatment option. Our clinic offers flexible payment plans, and your health fund provider may pay some of the cost of implant treatment.

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Our dentists in Currambine make every effort to accommodate the scheduling needs of your family. From offering evening hours to weekend appointment times, we are sure to have something that works for your busy routine.

If you are in pain or have any other dental emergency, please call us right away so we can try to book you in as soon as possible.

Your Safety Is Our Top Priority!

We would like to take some time to let you know that we always follow strict universal infection control standards, and patient safety and the safety of our team is our priority.

The risk of exposure to the virus in our dental surgery is extremely low. We are an accredited dental practice and maintain the highest quality of care and standards at all times irrespective of any outbreaks such as Coronavirus.

We sterilise our instruments and disinfect all clinical and reception areas after each patient to prevent any risk of cross-contamination. Our staff are fully trained and certified to do this to the highest standards.

What Specifically Are We Doing at Our Practice to Protect Patients?

Our strict protocol includes our receptionists establishing in advance if patients:

  • Have any symptoms including fever/history of fever and shortness of breath or a cough or a sore throat.
  • They have travelled overseas or interstate in the last 2 weeks.
  • Been in close contact with anyone who has had confirmed Coronavirus (COVID-19) or who has been in a health facility treating them.
  • Visited any exposure sites or high risk area as per Healthy WA

We would like to ask patients who have travelled to high-risk zones and exposure sites within the last 2 weeks to postpone non-urgent general dental treatment, if in doubt please call us on 9305 4888.

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