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As we age, our teeth naturally discolour over time due to our habits. Teeth staining occurs as a result of our teeth being exposed to various things, such as coffee, tea, red wine, nicotine, and even medication continually.

Teeth discolouration can be devastating to one’s confidence. Not only do they look terrible, but they will cause others to perceive you as less professional and cleaner than you are. That is why, for individuals seeking a healthier, whiter smile, investing in professional dental care should be a top priority. Using natural remedies and over-the-counter medications, it is possible to bleach your teeth. They remain ineffective and inconvenient in some instances.

Smiles in Currambine can help you achieve excellent results in less time with our high-quality professional teeth whitening services.Teeth whitening can be done professionally to eliminate discolourations and stains from the teeth. With this cosmetic treatment, your teeth will appear whiter. At Smiles in Currambine, you can get a beautiful smile without unleashing any damage to your gums or teeth.

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The Jaw-Dropping Benefits of Teeth Whitening

If you don’t want to use over-the-counter whitening solutions or natural remedies, professional teeth whitening is a great option. The following are some of the benefits of professional teeth whitening:

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Why Choose Smiles in Currambine for Teeth Whitening Treatments in Iluka

Professional teeth whitening dental services are available at Smiles in Currambine. We’ve worked with many people to help them restore the brilliance of their smiles or, in some circumstances, provide them with even brighter smiles. Talk to our dentists about teeth whitening procedures if you want to show off a brighter, more rejuvenated appearance. It’s a practical and straightforward way to brighten your smile and enhance your natural tooth colour.

Please don’t hesitate to ask our friendly staff any questions you may have about our treatments. We can help you uncover the dazzling white smile that has been hiding for far too long under all those teeth stains! Let’s work together to achieve the whiter teeth that everyone desires in the near future.

You can begin right away by making an online reservation or calling 08 9305 4888. For all inquiries about teeth whitening procedures in Iluka, contact Smiles in Currambine now!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Do you have any inquiries about our dental services? We’re here to assist you! Check out the answers to some of our most frequently asked questions, or read on for more details.

There are two types of tooth whitening procedures available at Smiles in Currambine. You can get your teeth whitened in an hour during your lunch break, after work, or on a Saturday. Alternatively, you can take a kit home and complete your teeth whitening at your convenience.

In-chair Whitening: While you’re in the dentist’s chair, your cosmetic dentist will do an in-chair whitening procedure. This light-accelerated dental treatment lasts around an hour. It removes deeper stains from teeth faster. We also recommend a set of take-home whitening trays for optimum results and to effortlessly maintain long-term results.

Take-home Whitening Kits: At our facility, we take great pleasure in keeping the teeth whitening procedure simple and effective. We are, nevertheless, equally committed to providing convenience to those clients who cannot afford to visit our clinic. As a result, these customers can choose a take-home whitening kit. We will construct a customized set of whitening trays after taking an impression of your teeth. Then all you have to do is apply a tiny amount of whitening gel to your custom-fitted trays and wear them for a set amount of time at home each session. For best results, repeat the treatment once a day for 10–14 days.

A qualified dentist must evaluate your dental health before tooth bleaching may be recommended. Dental health should ideally be optimal without the use of fillings or restorations. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with Smiles in Currambine to schedule a teeth whitening appointment so that we can examine your dental health and suggest the best procedure for brighter teeth.

While teeth whitening is safe for pregnant women, it is typically not suggested due to the risk of dental health concerns during pregnancy. Although teeth whitening is not known to cause any concerns during pregnancy, it is recommended to be delayed since teeth and gums are more sensitive at this time.

In-chair teeth whitening typically takes one to three hours. Most dentists use hydrogen peroxide gel, which is available in many at-home kits. However, the whitening treatments used by dentists are significantly more potent and concentrated and should only be used under professional supervision.

After we’ve assessed your oral health, we’ll get to work on prepping your mouth for the cosmetic procedure. We’ll use a lip retractor to keep your mouth open wide, gauze to keep it dry, and a rubber dam and protectant gel to keep hydrogen peroxide from damaging your sensitive gum tissue.

Next, we’ll apply the whitening gel to your teeth and utilize light to activate it, resulting in immediate effects. The light will convert the oxygen in the gel so that it may go deep into your tooth enamel to reach the colour pigments. You will sit under the light for around 20 minutes. Depending on the colour of your teeth and the tint you choose, we will most likely go through many applications.

Whitening your teeth is a cosmetic procedure usually believed to be safe. It does, however, involve the following risks:

  • After a few treatments, you may experience transient tooth sensitivity. Your cosmetic dentist may offer potassium nitrate and sodium fluoride gels to relieve the discomfort.
  • Tooth whitening products include peroxide, which might hurt your gums if not adequately preserved—another incentive to have your teeth whitening done by a trained dentist.
  • A person’s teeth might become greyish if they are over-whitened. This is highly unusual and only happens when the whitening process is prolonged too long.
  • If you’re using a take-home teeth whitening kit, there’s a chance you’ll ingest the treatment gel, which is rare. This could result in nausea and vomiting. On the other hand, your custom-fitted tray should fit almost perfectly around your teeth, reducing the chances of this happening.
Avoid hot and cold drinks for several days after teeth whitening to reduce dental sensitivity. Instead, settle for lukewarm or room temperature beverages. Avoid sugary drinks and foods that stain quickly for at least two weeks after tooth whitening, such as berries, coffee, tea, and wine. Eat only low-acid foods to prevent tooth discolouration. Tobacco products are one of the quickest ways to stain or re-stain your teeth, so you should refrain from smoking and chewing tobacco, not only for your health but also for the sake of your brilliant smile.
The cost of teeth whitening varies depending on the treatment type you choose. Teeth whitening products can cost up to $400, while in-office whitening can range from $200 per tooth.

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Your Safety Is Our Top Priority!

We would like to take some time to let you know that we always follow strict universal infection control standards, and patient safety and the safety of our team is our priority.

The risk of exposure to the virus in our dental surgery is extremely low. We are an accredited dental practice and maintain the highest quality of care and standards at all times irrespective of any outbreaks such as Coronavirus.

We sterilise our instruments and disinfect all clinical and reception areas after each patient to prevent any risk of cross-contamination. Our staff are fully trained and certified to do this to the highest standards.

What Specifically Are We Doing at Our Practice to Protect Patients?

Our strict protocol includes our receptionists establishing in advance if patients:

  • Have any symptoms including fever/history of fever and shortness of breath or a cough or a sore throat.
  • They have travelled overseas or interstate in the last 2 weeks.
  • Been in close contact with anyone who has had confirmed Coronavirus (COVID-19) or who has been in a health facility treating them.
  • Visited any exposure sites or high risk area as per Healthy WA

We would like to ask patients who have travelled to high-risk zones and exposure sites within the last 2 weeks to postpone non-urgent general dental treatment, if in doubt please call us on 9305 4888.

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